Our history

Our business was born in 1916, during the First World War.
The founder was Domenico Camarri, which descended from Arcidosso, a center of the Amiata mountains, opened a "Shoemaker workshop".

Here the shoes were made, since there were no companies or initiatives organized at the production level capable of supplying this primary good. Mostly "big shoes" were made, made with greased cowhide leathers and bills, destined for the countryside and for transit on the dirt roads of those times.

The shoemaker has always been located in Via San Martino 2, in the historic center of Grosseto, where it is still located today. The activity continued for decades, always led by Domenico, marking a commercial success despite the war period when the supply of leather and other raw materials became problematic.

Camarri handmade shoes
Camarri handmade shoes

In 1947 Cataldo Camarri, son of Domenico, notes the activity that over time had changed the type of production and items, adapting to the request of a more varied and demanding clientele. This consolidates the company's trust and credibility in the city and throughout the surrounding area.

In 1986 he took over Andrea Camarri, son of Cataldo. In recent years Andrea, spurred on by a clientele that seeks unconventional items, inserts his own production and small artisans in his shop, able to satisfy a clientele who appreciates the "handmade". It also gives the possibility to personalize the article with a careful choice of leather and finishes, thus returning to some processes of the past with an understandable adaptation to the fashion of the present. This business development meets the consensus of the public even more.

Furthermore, to date, the Camarri company participates in fairs in Italy and Europe, presenting lines of typical handicraft footwear, always enjoying great success.

We come to today, 2020, the year in which they take over the company Serena Camarri is Gaia Camarri, daughters of Andrea ... the fourth generation and another page of history to write ...