Our workings

Goodyear, Sacchetto, Ideal & Black

Leather and hides are the essential materials which, by virtue of their choice and their flexibility, allow the creation of high-level products.

Models of footwear considered classic in the past, give the starting point for the evolution of modeling in a modern key.

The shoes found in our shop are made in the Goodyear, Sacchetti, Ideal and Black processes.

Camarri handmade shoes

It is a method that involves stitching the bottom to the upper by means of a particularly robust strip of leather, called the "welt".

(which includes the Moccasin and Bologna processes)

The "Moccasin" shoe is made up of two pieces of leather (upper and tub), joined by a hand stitching. Everything is sewn directly onto the leather sole making up the sole. The "Bologna" shoe is made up of two pieces of leather called the upper and small plant, in which the small plant is sewn directly on the sole so that the upper remains waterproof. The linings of the Sock shoes are sewn like an enveloping and soft sock for the foot.
System that provides for the encouragement of the bottom to the upper, using hypoallergenic adhesives of extraordinary adhesive strength.
It is a fitting system also called "sewn in and out", which means the way of creating the shoe.

Our shoes are very often also hand-dyed by our craftsmen.

Our fi nishing techniques, combined with the natural irregularities of the skin, ensure extraordinary and unique chromatic and shading effects. Therefore, sometimes there can be differences in tone and veins more or less marked even in the same pair.

This is not to be considered a defect, however, but is instead a valuable feature, due to one lavorazione estremamente artigianale.

Camarri handmade shoes